Textpresso is an online literature search and curation platform covering research papers on model organisms and other biomedical subjects. It enables biocurators and biomedical researchers to search and mine the full text of literature by integrating keyword and category searches with viewing search results in the context of the full text. We also provide text mining and text classification support for curators of biomedical databases to identify and extract biological entities and facts from the full text of research articles.

Textpresso Sites

Textpresso for C. elegans

30,000 full text articles of the Wormbase C. elegans bibliography.

Textpresso for Alzheimer's Disease

96,000 Papers retrieved from PMC OA based on particular keyword searches.

Coronavirus Textpresso

COVID-19 special edition with 31,000 Papers retrieved from PMC OA.

Textpresso Central

PMC OA subset (~ 2.3 million papers) and the Wormbase C. elegans bibliography. Pilot project, not updated.

Textpresso for S. cerevisiae

78,000 full text papers. Site maintained by SGD.

Textpresso for A. thaliana

In preparation.