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Welcome to Textpresso for Arabidopsis!
This site was developed in collaboration with TAIR.
Bibliography last updated: June 8th, 2015.
Please note that case-sensitivity functionality only applies to the first character of a word and not the whole string; special names such as AT1G03457 will not be correctly translated into lower cases. AT1G03457 would be transformed into aT1G03457 and not at1g03457. This limitation prevents the search engine from generating exponentially growing lists of variations. If you want to search for variations you are interested in, please type them in by hand, separated by a comma.

This site now allows for searching specific sections of a paper. A heuristic algorithm has been applied to subdivide the body of a paper into sections. Whenever this algorithm fails, a paper remains unsectioned. In the latter case the paper is put as a whole into the field "non-sectioned" (formerly known as "body").

Please use the Feedback page (option in the top menu) to report irregularities.

Database Description
Currently, this site contains information about the following literatures and data types (data count in parenthesis):
Arabidopsis: abstract (48222), acknowledgments (16449), body (14003), conclusion (4955), discussion (18048), introduction (26524), materials (21070), references (21394), results (21405), title (50817)
Summary: abstract : 48222, acknowledgments : 16449, body : 14003, conclusion : 4955, discussion : 18048, introduction : 26524, materials : 21070, references : 21394, results : 21405, title : 50817
Total full-text papers in corpus: 40527

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